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●          Premium CBD drops that ease your pets discomfort from pain!

●          Naturally grown and free from GMO’s

●          Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits for your pet’s  physical wellness


Give your precious pets the helping hand they need by easing their pain and discomfort with our carefully curated CBD drops. The cannabidiol rests in an alcohol tincture base, easing swelling and discomfort in injured or exhausted areas, penetrating tissue and repairing from within.


All hemp plants used to make our oil are grown naturally, free of GMOs, using the entire plant to ensure we encompass all the healing properties of hemp CBD. Unfortunately, our four-legged friends are unable to tell us how they are feeling, making cannabidiol’s versatility a great way to cover your bases, freeing them from anxiety, depression and pain.

250mg Whole Plant Extract – Pet Tincture Drops

SKU: 366615376135191
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