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Civic CBD Test Results


We strive for the highest quality Hemp CBD products in the market, by using premiere Hemp CBD biomass and testing for purity with the best available labs and equipment. We test our products from ~ Soil to Oil. Our products are pure and are formulated to achieve high potency.  We test all of our products for contaminants and pesticides – so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re buying the best Hemp CBD products available!


We always go the extra mile to remove any traces of THC from our products, without exception. Rest assured, every one of our drops, topicals and gummies contains 0.0% THC while having premium doses of CBD – so you can really reap the mental and physical benefits without the risk of psychoactive effects. If you’re on the hunt for outstanding hemp solutions without the nasty stuff, Social CBD is your go-to supplier for all your CBD needs!


We believe you deserve to know exactly what’s inside our products, which is why we meticulously label each and every one of our items so you know exactly what’s inside. From high-strength CBD to the fantastic fruity flavors, we’re always transparent about what’s inside each bottle. Simply pop in the QR code from the box and enter it in the search bar above to review the contents of your very own Social CBD products. So go ahead – why not see the test results yourself? 

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