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●          Indulge in 1000mg of world-class CBD oil

●          Anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties

●          Boost your immune system and overall health


Indulge in 1000mg of premium CBD oil, extracted from whole hemp plants of the finest quality, naturally grown and free from GMOs. We have combined the anti-inflammatory and wellness effects of cannabidiol with the powerful anti-viral properties of the Chaga Mushroom to provide you with a potent and versatile immune booster.


Chaga is a nutrient-dense superfood that lowers cholesterol and slows the aging process as well as lifting immune response. We have supplemented the oil with a generous dose of Vitamin C to help your body fight off sickness, and wrapped the well-balanced mix in a warming, woody, cinnamon flavor for optimal taste.

1000mg Immunity Boost– Tincture Drops

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